Our brands give your wishes for your home direction

If you have wishes for your home and want more ambience and comfort you are seeking inspiration to fulfil these wishes. Brands, with all of the values that are associated with them, give this direction. This is why we supply an increasingly large part of our range under own brand names and as specific retail brands.

Every brand stands for a coherent range in which we reinforce the connection with a clear brand image, unambiguous packaging, attractive shelf decoration and good online support with examples, tips, assembly instructions and reference within the range.

CanDo offers an extensive range of DIY products with which you can easily create your own atmosphere. CanDo products can be easily processed and fit into virtually any interior.

It is surprising what an influence a LUNDIA sliding door cupboard and floor can have on your atmosphere. It brings a lot of rest into your interior. You don't really give it much consideration. I chose sliding door cupboards which fit perfectly. With me. And with my home.

Raffito sliding doors and interiors are done justice in any space. In your bedroom, living room, office, nursery, kitchen, under a slanted roof or as partitioning. Just like the interiors, Raffito sliding doors are made to measure for you and can be fitted from wall to wall and from the floor to the ceiling.

Sliding doors & cupboard interiors to size

A complete range of sliding doors and cupboard interiors entirely to your personal wishes and made to measure. Combine sliding doors and cupboard interiors for a beautiful cupboard or walk-in cupboard.

A smart alternative for plasterboard.

Agnes One-Step ready-made sheets are suitable for cladding a wall and ceilings. Make a beautiful ceiling and/or wall fast and simple with Agnes.

The JéWé range comprises an extensivenumber of products for both decorative and structural applications, such as:stair renovation, banisters, profiles, timber, furniture panels, window sills,floor plinths, wall and ceiling cladding, stair gates and worktops.