Social Corporate Responsibility

Living comfort for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

Living comfort is not just about today, but also about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This is why sustainability plays an important role at JéWé. We have a special responsibility as a producer and supplier of wood-related products.

More than a certification

Naturally, we meet the European Timber Regulation (the international regulations as laid down in the European Timber Law) and we are FSC and PEFC certified, as are all of our sub-suppliers. We strive to use raw materials from sustainable sources as much as possible and support sustainably managed forestry. After all, controlled forestry is vitally important for the maintenance of the ecosystem of our planet. We also participate in a sustainable power plant, where heat is generated with wood chips. Moreover, we ensure that as much remnant material as possible is recycled, for example in bottom plates or pallets.

We place the bar high

We not only look at our own actions, but at the entire chain. We expect all of our partners to be aware in the field of sustainability and working conditions. And we place the bar high. Not only because our customers expect it, but because we genuinely believe that our organisation must have a social responsibility that we must take seriously. Also in the social arena. For example, we cooperate with the social work facility 'De Avelingen Groep' and sponsor local clubs.