Cooperation on the shopping floor

Our customers are the DIY chains, house furnishers and the professional wood and building materials trade. But it is all about the customers of our customers. It is about their wishes for their homes. That is what we devise, produce and deliver our products for. And there lies the common interest with our retailers. We work closely together based on that shared interest and we offer support where we can.

We go further

For example, we help our retailers with category management, with the harmonisation of the range with the consumers’ wishes. We also bring continuity to the range by delivering products under trusted brand names, or precisely giving retailers the possibility to offer exclusive ‘own’ brands. Shelf dressing, often in combination with product information and advice, plays an important role in this. Just like online support with examples, tips, assembly instructions and references within the range. We also help our customers to convert and furnish shops, we have a special helpdesk for shops and we support campaigns, etc. This is who we go much further that a producer or supplier. We work together on fulfilling wishes for homes.