Production and logistics

Production and logistics: the building blocks of ambience and comfort

More ambience and comfort, in an easy way. That is what it is all about. Advanced production and logistics are essential in order to achieve this, in order to deliver the right products. Because an intelligent solution will not create itself automatically, and will not just be at the right place at the right time.

Own production facilities

We invest a great deal in product development so that our range keeps pace with demand. Time and again, new, current models, solutions and accessories. We currently have a range of approximately 8000 different articles. We produce some of these in cooperation with an extensive network of international partners. However, we also produce an important portion completely under our own management.

For example, our frames, from glass and corner slats to (semi) circular poles and photo frames, come from our own factory, which produces for all European branches. We also have a factory where we produce both solid wood and MDF skirting boards and where high quality coverings are applied to wood and MDF. In addition, we also have special production facilities for cupboards, with completely computer-controlled production of sliding doors and cupboard interiors, exactly in accordance with the dealer’s or consumer’s design.

Advanced logistics

Our in-house product development and production allows us to respond to the changing wishes in the market quickly and flexibly. This is also supported by our advanced logistics. After all, if you want to make it easy for customers you must ensure that your products are easy to order and that they are delivered on time and without error.

Our transport options are extremely flexible and versatile, with a close mesh network for transportation to shops and, increasingly often, to consumers at home.

45 trucks travel throughout the country every day. They start at our warehouses – approximately the size of 35 football fields, highly automated and fitted with the most modern technology. Everything is about efficiency and faultless goods flows. Our central loading dock has extensive cross-dock options, modern software ensures optimum truck loading and we are specialised in products that are difficult to transport. We are using this expertise for other parties increasingly often.