About JéWé

Wood takes care of the atmosphere and JéWé takes care of the wood

If you want to improve home comfort, then you can't ignore wood. Cupboards, floor plinths, sheet material, wood scaffolding, doors... it is wood that takes care of the atmosphere. And we take care of the wood. We have been doing that for more than 100 years, so we can confidently say that we are good at it. However, we continue to innovate and improve. More and more efficient and sustainable. Meeting our customers' wishes with more and more focus. New products, new product groups, new applications. Familiar brands, familiar quality. By continuously innovating, we have expanded from a tea caddy and satay skewer manufacturer into a 'living requirements fulfiller'.

Nothing is as changeable as wishes.
JéWé moves with the changes.

We focus completely on what people want and wish for their homes and how we can meet these wishes as effectively and easily as possible with our products. If you fail to pay attention for even a brief period, the wishes have changed again. So we maintain contact with the market in order to detect trends early and react appropriately. But it is not only wishes that change. What people find good and easy also changes. This is why we develop new systems, new products and new assembly methods and new quality standards. And this is why our products are used by both consumers and professionals.